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The first step is for you to contact us using the online form provided or via e-mail at info@spaceaceorganizing.comWe will then set up a convenient time to do an initial phone conversation, which typically takes about 30-45 minutes depending on  your needs. We will go through the client intake form and from there we will send you the pricing sheet.


Should we all decide to move forward, we will schedule an in-home (or in-business) *consultation where we ask that you walk us through your space for a first-hand look at the project. During this meeting we will be able to address any further questions or needs. Afterwards we will develop a custom plan that will work with your lifestyle as well as a time and budget estimate.

We do assist clients with the purchase of new organizing tools and only ask to be reimbursed for the exact cost of the items and an hourly rate will be applied for both mileage and time shopping. Do know that a thorough plan (that includes measurements of your space) should be in place before purchasing any new organizing tools in an effort to ensure the best usage of your space.


Space Ace LLC is generally available during normal working hours throughout the week and also available on the weekends. Please inform us of the best ways to communicate with you and the best time periods for us to get into your space to execute the plan we have put in place.

*Please note that the in-home (or in-business) consultation does come with an hourly rate, which will be communicated to you during the initial phone conversation.

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